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pdf0District Court Decision in Maloney v Rice - NY's Prohibition on NunchakuHOT

District Court strikes NY's prohibition on Nunchaku. Yes, NY banned two sticks attached via chain or rope...


Notice of Appeal to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

pdf2Petition For Extreme Risk Protection OrderHOT


pdf3Takings DecisionHOT

District Court decision dismissing MSI's Takings Complaint

pdf4Southern Maryland Meet-up & SeminarHOT
pdf5Maryland Defense ActHOT

Attorney General Frosh's Maryland Defense Act 2017 Report

pdf6AG Report on MD Def. ActHOT

Frosh's AG Report on Maryland Defense Act of 2017

pdf8SB707 RTFA - Order Setting Hearing on MotionHOT

Order Setting Hearing on Motion

pdf9SB707 RTFA - Motion for Preliminary InjunctionHOT

Motion for temporary and preliminary injunctions against enforcing SB707 to maintain the status quo pending a final resolution.

pdf10Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Bump Stock CaseHOT

Opposition Takings Case filed 08/31/18

pdf11Young 9th Circuit decisionHOT

Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision in Young v. Hawaii

pdf12Exhibits 1HOT
pdf13Exhibits to motion to dismiss Takings CaseHOT
pdf14Decision and dissent in Heller IIHOT

Heller II decision

pdf15Decision and dissent in Heller IIHOT

Heller II decision

pdf18The Racist Roots of Gun ControlHOT
pdf19Reply In Support of Motion To DismissHOT
pdf20Opposition to Motion To Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf21Motion to Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf22Motion to Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf23First Amendment Case (Hulbert Brothers)HOT

pdf24Comments on ATF Proposal Regarding Bump StocksHOT

MSI's legal comments on the proposed ATF rule regarding bump stocks.

pdf25Testimony on Campus Carry proposed legislation HB 904 in 2018HOT

Testimony on Campus Carry proposed legislation HB 904 in 2018

pdf26Wear and Carry Wear and Carry permit lawuit complaintHOT

pdf27Veto request for HB819, the Handgun Permit Review Board repeal billHOT
pdf28Red Flag Bill - HB1302 - TestimonyHOT
pdf29Testimony on HB 991HOT

Testimony on HB 991 - Magazine Ban

Latest News

Testimony in Opposition to SB 1, a "Bruen Response" Bill


SB 1 Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)
Sponsored by Senator Waldstreicher
Heard before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on 2/7/2023:

MSI's Oral Testimony in Opposition

SB 1 as passed by the Senate being heard before the House Judiciary Committee on 3/29/2023 at 1pm.

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