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Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. Litigation
Maryland Shall Issue v Hogan 
(RFTA takings) - United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit Case# 18-2474
Maryland Shall Issue v Hogan
(Handgun Qualification License) - United States District Court for the District Court of Maryland Case# 1:16-cv-03311
Hulbert v Pope (1st Amendment) - United States District Court for the District Court of Maryland Case# 1:18-cv-00461

Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board (Good and substantial reason) - Dismissed
Kolbe v Hogan ("Assault Weapons," magazine capacity restrictions) - Fourth Circuit upheld MD's weapons and magazine bans, cert denied by US Supreme Court
Woollard v Gallagher (Good and substantial reason) - Fourth Circuit upheld MD's "good and substantial reason" requirement for wear and carry permit eligibility, cert denied by US Supreme Court

Amicus Filings
The Modern Sportsman, LLC v United States of America - United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Case# 20-1107

Latest News

Handgun Qualification License ON TRIAL!

We are pleased that the court of appeals has allowed this important Second Amendment challenge to the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL) to proceed to the merits.  We look forward to further proceedings in District Court.

You can read the opinion from the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit HERE

Court Uphold's MD's Taking of Rapid Fire Trigger Activators


In a sharply split, 2-1 decision, a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has held that Maryland may ban the possession of "Rapid Fire Trigger Activators" by existing owners without paying just compensation under Fifth Amendment or the Maryland Constitution.  The majority ruled that no just compensation was owed to existing, lawful owners because the ban “does not require owners of rapid fire trigger activators to turn them over to the Government or to a third party.”  In short, as far as this majority is concerned, the State is free to ban the possession of any personal property without paying just compensation unless the State puts the property into its own pocket or the pocket of a third party.  If that is the law, then no personal property, of any kind, is safe from the grasping clutches of the General Assembly.  For example, the State could ban possession of your existing car and not pay a dime.  The dissenting opinion ably demolishes the majority's reasoning.  Needless to say, we will be seeking further review.

You can read the ruling HERE.  Stay tuned.

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