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Notice of Appeal to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

pdf1Petition For Extreme Risk Protection Order HOT


pdf2Takings Decision HOT

District Court decision dismissing MSI's Takings Complaint

pdf3Southern Maryland Meet-up & Seminar HOT
pdf4Maryland Defense Act HOT

Attorney General Frosh's Maryland Defense Act 2017 Report

pdf5AG Report on MD Def. Act HOT

Frosh's AG Report on Maryland Defense Act of 2017

pdf6Everytown Amicus Brief in support of State HOT

Everytown Brief

pdf7HQL Opp. to State Motion for SJ and Motion For SJ HOT

HQL suit.  Plaintiffs' Motion for SJ and Opposition to the State's Motion for SJ

pdf9Motion for a PI Bump Stock HOT

Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in Bump Stocks case

pdf10SB707 RTFA - Order Setting Hearing on Motion HOT

Order Setting Hearing on Motion

pdf11SB707 RTFA - Motion for Preliminary Injunction HOT

Motion for temporary and preliminary injunctions against enforcing SB707 to maintain the status quo pending a final resolution.

pdf12Opposition to Motion to Dismiss Bump Stock Case HOT

Opposition Takings Case filed 08/31/18

pdf13Motion to Dismiss Takings Case HOT

Motion to dismiss filed by the State in the Takings Case

pdf14Young 9th Circuit decision HOT

Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision in Young v. Hawaii

pdf15Exhibits 1
pdf16Exhibits to motion to dismiss Takings Case HOT
pdf17Exhibits to motion to dismiss Takings Case HOT
pdf18Decision and dissent in Heller II

Heller II decision

pdf19Decision and dissent in Heller II HOT

Heller II decision

Latest News

MSI v. Montgomery County Update

On June 16, 2021, we filed an emergency motion for partial summary judgment on three of our counts against Montgomery County's enactment of Bill 4-21. The motion seeks to enjoin the County from enforcing their new illegal laws which will go into effect on July 16th without action from the Court. Find the motion HERE and the memorandum in support HERE. As we have stated previously, we will not sit idle while politicians make criminals of ordinary and law-abiding residents. You can learn more and find updates about this case at

Taking these challenges is not possible without your support! Consider becoming a member of MSI, donating, or wearing MSI apparel or picking up our accessories.

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Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. et al v. Montgomery County, Maryland

On May 28, 2021, Maryland Shall Issue, Engage Armament, ICE Firearms & Defensive Training, and several residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, filed suit against the County, challenging its enactment of Bill 4-21. That Bill criminalizes the mere possession of privately made firearms without providing compensation and redefines the meaning of "place of public assembly" to encompass virtually the entirety of Montgomery County just in order to criminalize otherwise perfectly lawful firearms possession in the home and elsewhere. The suit seeks declaratory and injunctive relief and an award of damages, including punitive damages. 

You can read the complaint HERE.
Further filings can be found below.

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