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pdf0Veto request for HB819, the Handgun Permit Review Board repeal billHOT
pdf1Red Flag Bill - HB1302 - TestimonyHOT
pdf2Testimony on HB 991HOT

Testimony on HB 991 - Magazine Ban

pdf3Testimony on HB 819HOT

Testimony on HB 819 - HPRB Repeal

pdf4Testimony on HB 792HOT

Testimony on HB 792 - Permit Expiration

pdf5Testimony on HB 760HOT

Testimony on HB 760 - School Carry

pdf6Testimony on HB 758HOT

Testimony on HB 758 Church Carry

pdf7Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 THOT

Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 - Transfer Definition

pdf8Testimony on HB 692HOT

Testimony on HB 692 - Appeal

pdf9Testimony on HB 534HOT

Testimony on HB 534 - Medical Marijuana

pdf10Testimony on HB 466HOT

Testimony on HB 466 - Microstamping

pdf11Testimony on HB 402HOT

Testimony on HB 402 - Black Powder

pdf12Testimony on HB 29HOT

Testimony on HB 29 - Preliminary Approval

pdf13Testimony on HB 1659HOT

Testimony on HB 1659 - Out of State Purchases

pdf14Testimony on HB 1538HOT

Testimony on HB 1538 - Repeal of Restrictions

pdf15Testimony on HB 1441HOT

Testimony on HB 1441 - Medical Marijuana

pdf16Testimony on HB 1413HOT

Testimony on HB 1413 - Permit Expiration

pdf17Testimony on HB 1189HOT

Testimony on HB 1189 - Peace order Permits

pdf18Testimony on HB825HOT

Disqualification time of Offense

pdf19Testimony - Magazine ban on capacity greater than 10 roundsHOT

Possesion ban on magazines having a capacity of greater than 10 rounds of amunition

pdf20Testimony - Handgun Permit Review Board Repeal HOT

Testimony in opposition to proposed legislation that would  eliminate the Handgun Permit Review Board.

pdf21Testimony - Bump Stock BillHOT

Testimony about the Bump Stock Ban legislation

pdf22Testimony on Handgun permits and Medical Marijuana - SB602 - 2018HOT

Testimony on Handgun permits and Medical Marijuana - SB602 - 2018

pdf23Testimony on handgun permits and protective orders - SB497 and HB1189 - 2018HOT

Testimony on handgun permits and protective orders - SB497 and HB1189 - 2018

pdf24Testimony on Wear and Carry Permit expiration - SB472 and HB792 - 2018HOT

Testimony on Wear and Carry Permit expiration - SB472 and HB792 - 2018

pdf25Testimony on Black Powder Legislation - HB402 and SB448 2018HOT

Testimony on Black Powder Legislation - HB402 and SB448 2018

pdf26Hulbert and MSI Lawsuit vs MD Capital PoliceHOT

Hulbert and MSI Lawsuit vs MD Capital Police

pdf27MSI Volunteer Guide for EventsHOT

Gun Show Primer 2018

pdf28MGA2018 SB196 - Shall IssueHOT

SB196 would seek to change the state of Maryland from a May Issue state to a Shall Issue state when it comes to wear and carry permits.

pdf29MGA 2018: SB126 - Maryland AppealsHOT

SB126 seeks to change the appeals rules on firearm offenses.

Latest News

Novotny v. Moore - Challenge to 2023 SB 1

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On behalf of our members and in partnership with the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition, Maryland Shall Issue and three individual plaintiffs are challenging unconstitutional aspects of SB 1, the so-called “Gun Safety Act of 2023” in the US District Court for the District of Maryland. SB 1 effectively nullifies the "general right to carry in public" for carry permit holders confirmed by the Supreme Court's decision NYSRPA v. Bruen just this last June. It does so by banning firearms in a whole host of locations otherwise open to the public, including places like stores and shops, restaurants, museums, and healthcare facilities. The suit also challenges the general ban on possession of firearms on public transit owned or controlled by the State Mass Transit Administration and in the tens of thousands of acres of woodlands in State parks, State forests, and State Chesapeake forest lands. We have every confidence that we will prevail in whole or in part in this suit.

Find the complaint in Novotny v. Moore HERE.

A guide on the effects of the recent changes to legal handgun carry in Maryland can be found HERE.

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