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pdf0Letter MSI to Baltimore Further ResponseHOT

Further comments on Council Bill 16-0761 by Maryland Shall Issue

pdf1City Solicitor 16-0761 Replica banHOT
pdf2Baltimore Replica Ordinance (MSI Response)HOT

MSI's response to the proposed banning of replica firearms in Baltimore City.

pdf3Baltimore Replica OrdinanceHOT

Baltimore City's proposed Ordinance regarding replica firearms.

pdf415 usc 5001HOT
pdf5Baltimore Replica Ordinance (NRA Response) HOT

The NRA's letter to the Baltimore City Council regarding the city's proposed Ordinance regarding replica firearms.

pdf6MSI HQL Lawsuit Complaint HOT

The MSI Complaint against the HQL Law.

Latest News

Testimony in Opposition to SB 1, a "Bruen Response" Bill


SB 1 Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)
Sponsored by Senator Waldstreicher
Heard before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on 2/7/2023:

MSI's Oral Testimony in Opposition

SB 1 as passed by the Senate being heard before the House Judiciary Committee on 3/29/2023 at 1pm.

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