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pdf0Testimony on HB 792 HOT

Testimony on HB 792 - Permit Expiration

pdf1Testimony on HB 760 HOT

Testimony on HB 760 - School Carry

pdf2Testimony on HB 758 HOT

Testimony on HB 758 Church Carry

pdf3Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 T HOT

Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 - Transfer Definition

pdf4Testimony on HB 692 HOT

Testimony on HB 692 - Appeal

pdf5Testimony on HB 534 HOT

Testimony on HB 534 - Medical Marijuana

pdf6Testimony on HB 466 HOT

Testimony on HB 466 - Microstamping

pdf7Testimony on HB 402 HOT

Testimony on HB 402 - Black Powder

pdf8Testimony on HB 29 HOT

Testimony on HB 29 - Preliminary Approval

pdf9Testimony on HB 1659 HOT

Testimony on HB 1659 - Out of State Purchases

pdf10Testimony on HB 1538 HOT

Testimony on HB 1538 - Repeal of Restrictions

pdf11Testimony on HB 1441 HOT

Testimony on HB 1441 - Medical Marijuana

pdf12Testimony on HB 1413 HOT

Testimony on HB 1413 - Permit Expiration

pdf13Testimony on HB 1189 HOT

Testimony on HB 1189 - Peace order Permits

pdf14Testimony on HB825 HOT

Disqualification time of Offense

pdf15Testimony - Magazine ban on capacity greater than 10 rounds HOT

Possesion ban on magazines having a capacity of greater than 10 rounds of amunition

pdf16Testimony - Handgun Permit Review Board Repeal HOT

Testimony in opposition to proposed legislation that would  eliminate the Handgun Permit Review Board.

pdf17Testimony - Bump Stock Bill HOT

Testimony about the Bump Stock Ban legislation

pdf18Testimony on Handgun permits and Medical Marijuana - SB602 - 2018 HOT

Testimony on Handgun permits and Medical Marijuana - SB602 - 2018

pdf19Testimony on handgun permits and protective orders - SB497 and HB1189 - 2018 HOT

Testimony on handgun permits and protective orders - SB497 and HB1189 - 2018

Latest News

The Dangers of Maryland's Carry Laws

On August 12, 2021, Maryland's highest court, the Court of Appeals, ruled that a violation of Md. Criminal Law § 4-203(a)(1)(i) is a strict liability crime. Put simply, if one has a handgun on or about them and is not authorized to do so, they are guilty of violating the law. The case is Lawrence v. State, 471 Md. 101 (2021).

Section 4-203 is the statute that broadly prohibits the wear, carry, or transport of handguns within the State. Specifically, § 4-203(a)(1)(i) states:

 (a)    (1)    Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a person may not:

            (i)    wear, carry, or transport a handgun, whether concealed or open, on or about the person;

There are a few exceptions to this ban (found in subsection (b) of Section 4-203), such as one having a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit, possession in the home or business (by the business owner), or when transporting an unloaded handgun (kept in an enclosed case or enclosed holster) between a gun shop and one's residence or from their residence to a gun range. But, outside these sharply limited exceptions set out in subsection (b), the passage above otherwise broadly criminalizes having a pistol on (or about) the person. 

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MSI v. Montgomery County Update

On June 16, 2021, we filed an emergency motion for partial summary judgment on three of our counts against Montgomery County's enactment of Bill 4-21. The motion seeks to enjoin the County from enforcing their new illegal laws which will go into effect on July 16th without action from the Court. Find the motion HERE and the memorandum in support HERE. As we have stated previously, we will not sit idle while politicians make criminals of ordinary and law-abiding residents. You can learn more and find updates about this case at

Taking these challenges is not possible without your support! Consider becoming a member of MSI, donating, or wearing MSI apparel or picking up our accessories.

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