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pdf0MSI Testimony in Support of SB506HOT
pdf1MSI Testimony in Opposition to SB816 and HB1257HOT
pdf2MSI Testimony in Opposition to HB636 and SB646HOT
pdf3MSI Testimony in Opposition to SB422HOT
pdf4MSI Testimony in Opposition to SB968 and HB1160HOT

Amicus Brief filed by Maryland Shall Issue, INC.
Case No. 20-1107 - In The United States Court of Appeals

pdf6MSI Testimony on HB 302 private schoolsHOT

MSI testimony in opposition to Hb 302 on private schools

pdf7MSI Testimony in Opposition to SB208HOT

The bill (as well as its cross-filed bill HB4) would add a wholly new set of restrictions on temporary and

pdf8MSI Testimony in Support of SB198HOT

This bill would amend MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-306(b)(6)(ii) to specify that “self- protection,” or

pdf9MSI Testimony in Support with Amendments of HB47, HB265, SB156, and SB327HOT

Under MD Code Public Safety 5-117.1(c), [a] person may purchase, rent, or receive a handgun only if the person” obtains a Handgun Qualification License” (HQL).

pdf10MSI Testimony - Information Only on SB179 and HB73HOT

With the recent changes in Maryland law concerning medical marijuana, see MD Code, Health - General, § 13-3304 et seq., and the push to legalize the use of marijuana

pdf11MSI Testimony in Opposition to HB35HOT

In opposition to the studying the feasibility of "firearms telematics."

pdf12MSI Testimony on SB 55HOT

2020 General Assembly Testimony on SB 55 the Tax Checkoff bill for buying so called assault weapons

pdf13MSI Testimony on SB 55HOT

2020 General Assembly Testimony on SB 55 the Tax Checkoff bill for buying so called assault weapons

pdf14MSI Testimony on SB 39HOT

MSI Testimony on SB 39:  This Bill would ban the Anderson AM-15 rifles in .223 and .330 BLK calibers

pdf152020 MGA - MSI Testimony on HB4HOT

MSI Testimony in opposition to HB4

pdf16RTFA Litigation - 28(j) letter in light of Manning v. CadwellHOT

Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. v. Hogan, No. 18-2474 (4th Cir.)
RTFA Litigation - 28(j) letter in light of

pdf17Baltimore County "SAFE" Act as IntroducedHOT

The Act as introduced before the Baltimore County Council on 12/16/19. You can see that meeting ...

pdf18Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Reply BriefHOT

MSI Whalen Reply Brief (redacted)

pdf19Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Motion to StrikeHOT

MSI - Motion to Strike in Whalen v. Board (redacted)

pdf20Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Brief of AppelleeHOT

The State's reply in Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board.

pdf21MSI Presentation at 2019 International Association of Crime Analysts, National Harbor, MD 08/23/2019HOT

Listen to the presentation HERE

An examination of deaths by shooting, assaults with firearms, and

pdf23HQL Brief of Appellees (the State)HOT

brief of appellees filed by the State of Maryland in HQL litigation before the 4th Circuit

pdf24NEW Restrictions PolicyHOT

New Announcement for Restrictions Policy for Business Owners

pdf25NEW SOP for MSP Carry PermitsHOT

New Maryland State Police SOP for carry permits 

pdf26Letter 28j to Court re Davis HQL suitHOT

Rule 28j Letter to Fourth Circuit in the HQL suit advising of the Davis case

pdf27Letter To 4th Circuit on StandingHOT

Letter to Fourth Circuit advising the Court of the Supreme Court's decision in the census case on standing

pdf28Knick 28j LetterHOT

Letter to the Fourth Circuit advising of the Supreme Court's decision in Knick

zip29Davis 28j Letter refiledHOT

Letter advising the Fourth Circuit of the Supreme Court's decision in Davis

Latest News

Testimony in Opposition to SB 1, a "Bruen Response" Bill


SB 1 Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)
Sponsored by Senator Waldstreicher
Heard before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on 2/7/2023:

MSI's Oral Testimony in Opposition

SB 1 as passed by the Senate being heard before the House Judiciary Committee on 3/29/2023 at 1pm.

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