Maryland State and Local Weapons Laws

Prince George's County

-Subtitle 3. -Animal Control., Division 6. Other Rules, Regulations, and Standards., § 3-180.06 Canned hunting prohibited
-Subtitle 5. -Businesses and Licenses., Division 19. Secondhand and Pawn Dealers
-Subtitle 6. -Emergency Management., Division 5. Declaration of Emergency, § 6-135 Proclamation; orders and regulations (b)(7)
-Subtitle 14. -Morals and Conduct, Division 4. Offenses Against Property., § 14-127 Nonresident with dog or gun.
-Subtitle 14. -Morals and Conduct, Division 6. Weapons.
-Subtitle 14. -Morals and Conduct, Division 11. Imitation Firearms.
-Subtitle 14. -Morals and Conduct, Division 14. Nuisances.
-Subtitle 14. -Morals and Conduct, Division 18. Gun Offender Registry.
-Subtitle 18. -Police, Division 2. Property in Police Custody, § 18-115 Sale or destruction of unclaimed property; proceeds (b)
-Subtitle 20. -Taxicabs and Limousines, Division 3. Driver's License (Identification Card), § 20-108 Grounds for denial (a)(3)

Berwyn Heights
-Ordinance 112 - Parks and Public Property Regulations, § 2 Unlawful Acts (B)

-Part II, General Legislation, Chapter 85. Peace and Good Order, § 85-3 Firearms and Weapons. (p 8502)

-Chapter 16. Offenses-Miscellaneous, § 16-6. Discharging weapons prohibited; exceptions. (pp 188, 189)
-Chapter 16. Offenses-Miscellaneous, § 16-7. BB Guns, slingshots, bows and arrows, and similar devices. (p 189)
-Chapter 17. Park Rules and Regulations, § 17-2. Rules (d) (p 191)

Capitol Heights
-Chapter VII Peace, Order and Safety, Article 2. Firearms (p 48)

-Chapter 16 - Parks, § 16-1 Rules (f)
-Chapter 20 - Peace and Good Order, § 20-3 Firearms and pellet guns.
-Chapter 20 - Peace and Good Order, § 20-4 Dangerous weapons and restrictions on possession of firearms in certain places.
-Chapter 20 - Peace and Good Order, § 20-5 Supplying firearm materials or dangerous weapons to underage persons.
-Chapter 20 - Peace and Good Order, § 20-6 Explosive and combustible material.
-Chapter 22 - Police, § 22-8 Firearms.

College Park
-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 148 Peace and Good Order, § 148-1 Unlawful Acts. (I)

Eagle Harbor
-Article of General Ordinances, Article 9 -- Public Nuisances, Morals and Conduct, § 3 Concealed Weapons (p 30)

-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 360 Peace and Good Order, § 360-4 Firearms and weapons.

Fairmount Heights
-Chapter III Peace and Good Order, Article 3. Disorderly Conduct, § 3-320 Carrying Concealed Weapons (p 14)

Forest Heights
-Article 10 Firearms and Dangerous Weapons

-Chapter 12 Parks and Recreation, Article III. Public Parks, Playgrounds, Etc., Generally, § 12-44 Hunting or trapping; use of firearms prohibited. (p 5)
-Chapter 16 Public Safety Offenses and General Provisions, § 16-3 Weapons and hunting. (p 1)

-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 84 Parks and Recreational Facilities, § 84-13 Carrying of firearms prohibited; exception.
-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 87 Peace and Good Order, § 87-14 Discharge of air rifles and similar devices prohibited.
-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 87 Peace and Good Order, § 87-14 Discharge of firearms prohibited.

Landover Hills
-Chapter 67: Peace and Good Order, § 6703 Firearms and Dangerous Weapons (p 1)

-Chapter 2 Administration, Article VIII. State of Emergency, § 2-177 Authority of mayor to issue certain orders. (5), (9)
-Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses, Article I. In General, § 9-13 Weapons—Carrying concealed on person.
-Chapter 9 Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses, Article I. In General, § 9-14 Weapons—Discharging.
-Chapter 14 Streets and Sidewalks, Article V. Parades and Demonstrations, Division 1. Generally, § 14-102 Weapons.

-Chapter 5. Peace and Order, Article 1. In General, § 5-105. Disturbing Religious Meetings, Etc. (pp 38, 39)

Mount Rainier
-Chapter 10 - Peace and Order, § 10-106. Discharge of firearms illegal.

North Brentwood
-Part II: General Legislation, Disorderly Conduct, Article I Assault and Weapons

Riverdale Park
-Chapter 65 Weapons

Seat Pleasant
-Chapter 84 Firearms

University Park
-The Code, Peace and Order, Article 1 Conduct, § 6-105 Use of firearms.

Upper Marlboro
-Emergency Ordinance 2020-04, § 4. Authority of President to Issue Certain Orders (5), (7), and (9) (pp 4, 5) 

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