Maryland State and Local Weapons Laws

Montgomery County

-Part II. Local Laws, Ordinances, Resolutions, etc., Chapter 57. Weapons

Chevy Chase
-Part II - Municipal Code, Chapter 14 - Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses, § 14-1 Use of dangerous weapons.
-Part II - Municipal Code, Chapter 14 - Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses, § 14-2 Disturbing the peace.

Chevy Chase View
-Chapter 2. Public Service and Police Regulations, § 2-102. Disturbing the peace, generally. (p IV-2)

-Chapter 15 - Offenses--Miscellaneous, § 15-15 Weapons--Discharge.
-Chapter 15 - Offenses--Miscellaneous, § 15-16 Weapons--Possession on streets, in public buildings, churches, schools, parks and other places of public assembly.
-Chapter 15A - Parks and Other Properties, § 15A-10 Weapons.

Garrett Park
-Chapter 6 Peace, Order and Safety, § 606. Discharge of Firearms (p 27)
-Chapter 6 Peace, Order and Safety, § 607. Illegal for Minors to Carry Firearms (p 28)
-Chapter 6 Peace, Order and Safety, § 608. Illegal to Hunt and Shoot Rabbits, Squirrels, Birds, Etc. (p 28)
-Chapter 6 Peace, Order and Safety, § 610. Unlawful to Display or Sell Firearms (p 28)

-Chapter VII Public Health, Safety, and Conduct, Article 4. Firearms (p 99)

-Ordinance 01-15 Establishing Regulations of Public Parks, Trails, Open Space and Other Town Property, § 6. Prohibited Activities (F) (p 5)

-Part II, Chapter 5 Civil Defense, Article II. Civil Emergencies, § 5.14. Additional Regulations. (G) and (H) (p 47)
-Part II, Chapter 5 Civil Defense, Article II. Civil Emergencies, § 5.15. Emergency Powers. (B) and (C) (p 47)

-Chapter 12 Licenses, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations, Article V. Carnivals, Division 3. Regulations, § 12-132. Operation of games. (l)
-Chapter 13 Miscellaneous Provisions and Offenses, Article III. Other Offenses, § 13-61. - Firearms; violation of section declared misdemeanor.
-Chapter 14 Parks and Regulations, Article III. Park Rules, § 14-43. Firearms.

-Part II: General Legislation, Chapter 149 Parks and Regulation, Article II Park Regulations, § 149-4 Weapons.

Takoma Park
-Title 14 Health and Safety, Chapter 14.16 Gun Regulation

Washington Grove
-Article I -- Public Nuisances, Morals And Conduct, § 12. Hunting; Fishing

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