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pdf.pngWhalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Reply Brief

MSI Whalen Reply Brief (redacted)

pdf.pngWhalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Motion to Strike

MSI - Motion to Strike in Whalen v. Board (redacted)

pdf.pngWhalen v Handgun Permit Review Board - Brief of Appellee

The State's reply in Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board.

pdf.pngMSI Presentation at 2019 International Association of Crime Analysts, National Harbor, MD 08/23/2019

Listen to the presentation HERE

An examination of deaths by shooting, assaults with firearms, and robberies with firearms in Baltimore City before and after the Maryland General Assembly and former Governor Martin O’Malley enacted one of the most stringent gun control acts in the United States.

pdf.pngHQL Brief of Appellees (the State)

brief of appellees filed by the State of Maryland in HQL litigation before the 4th Circuit

pdf.pngNEW Restrictions Policy HOT

New Announcement for Restrictions Policy for Business Owners

pdf.pngNEW SOP for MSP Carry Permits HOT

New Maryland State Police SOP for carry permits 

pdf.pngLetter 28j to Court re Davis HQL suit

Rule 28j Letter to Fourth Circuit in the HQL suit advising of the Davis case

pdf.pngLetter To 4th Circuit on Standing

Letter to Fourth Circuit advising the Court of the Supreme Court's decision in the census case on standing

pdf.pngKnick 28j Letter

Letter to the Fourth Circuit advising of the Supreme Court's decision in Knick

zip.pngDavis 28j Letter refiled

Letter advising the Fourth Circuit of the Supreme Court's decision in Davis

pdf.pngDavis 28j Letter

Letter advising the Fourth Circuit of the Supreme Court's decision in Davis

pdf.pngBrief Whalen v. HPRB HOT

Whalen v. Handgun Permit Review Board, brief of appellant. Court of Special Appeals

pdf.pngHQL Suit - Amicus Curiae Brief by NSSF

Brief filed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in support of MSI and Atlantic Guns's suit against Maryland's Handgun Qualification License.

pdf.pngHQL Suit - Amicus Curiae Brief by NRA and MSRPA HOT

Brief filed by the National Rifle Association and Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association in support of MSI and Atlantic Guns's  lawsuit against Maryland's Handgun Qualification License.

pdf.pngSAF and CCRKBA Amicus in HQL Lawsuit


From the Second Amendment Foundation: "The Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have joined in an amicus (friend of the court) brief in a case challenging Maryland’s process to obtain a licenses to possess a handgun in one’s home, contending that this violates the Second Amendment."

pdf.pngOrigins of Restrictions in Maryland HOT
pdf.pngHQL Brief of Appellants HOT

Brief of appellants, MSI, Individual Plaintiffs and Atlantic Guns in the HQL litigation Standing

pdf.pngReply of Appellants Bump Stock Appeal HOT

Reply of Plaintiffs Appellants Fourth Circuit Bumpstock appeal

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Once Anti-Gun, Now an Advocate for Gun Ownership and Self Defense

Darlyn used to completely reject the idea of owning guns. She shares her story of coming to terms with the realities of relying solely on painfully slow government services for her safety and ultimately how she learned to protect herself. Along the way, she provides insight on how to approach those who think like she used to.

Maryland State Police Lifts Permit Restrictions for Business Owners

On August 6, 2019, the Maryland State Police announced that they were changing their standard operating procedure with respect to restrictions placed on carry-permits issued to business owners. Under this new policy, business owners who otherwise establish a "good and substantial reason" for a carry permit will be issued such a permit without any restrictions. Previously, the permits issued to such owners were restricted to "while conducting business." A copy of this State Police announcement can be found HERE. Apparently, the Maryland State Police intends to take steps to apply this new policy to business owners who have appealed the prior restriction to the Handgun Permit Review Board or have appeals pending on this restriction before the Office of Administrative Hearings. We suggest that persons with such pending appeals contact the State Police Licensing Division concerning their status.

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