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pdf0MGA2019: Written Testimony in Opposition to SB8 - Criminal Law - Computer-Aided Firearm Fabrication - ProhibitionsHOT

In reference to: SB8

pdf12019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB740 and SB882 - Criminal Law – Firearms – Computer–Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3D Printed Firearms & Ghost Guns)HOT

HB740 and ...

pdf22019 MGA Testimony in Support of HB342, HB541, and SB115 - Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun - QualificationsHOT

In reference to: 

pdf32019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB468 and SB441 - Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage RequirementsHOT

In reference to: 

pdf42019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB786 and SB737 - Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - TransactionsHOT

In reference to: 

pdf52019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB92 - Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Payment of FeesHOT

In reference to:

pdf62019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB612 - Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Colt AR-15 Sporter H-BAR RifleHOT

In reference to:

pdf72019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB95 - Public Safety - Firearms Disqualifications - Antique Firearm (Shadé's Law)HOT

In reference to:

pdf82019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB96 and SB346 - Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - TransferHOT

In reference to: 

pdf92019 MGA Information Only Testimony on SB97 and HB749 - Firearms - Right to Purchase, Possess, and Carry - Use of Medical CannabisHOT

In reference to: 

pdf102019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to SB113 - Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Payment of FeesHOT

In reference to:

pdf11Brief of Appellants FinalHOT

Filed in the 4th circuit. 

pdf12Appendix to the Brief of Appellants in bump stock caseHOT

Appendix to the brief of appellants in MSI v. Hogan bump stock case

pdf13Appendix to the Brief of Appellants in bump stock caseHOT

Appendix to brief

pdf15Reply in support of SJ Motion HQL SuitHOT

Plaintiffs' reply in support of motion for summary judgment and in opposition to the State's motion for summary judgment in the HQL litigation.

pdf16Opposition to State Motion to DismissHOT

Opposition of Plaintiffs to State's motion to dismiss in Hulbert v. Pope, et al.

pdf17NYC Transport Case PetitionHOT

Petition for Cert in NYSRPA v. NYC, No. 18-280 (Sct)

pdf18District Court Decision in Maloney v Rice - NY's Prohibition on NunchakuHOT

District Court strikes NY's prohibition on Nunchaku. Yes, NY banned two sticks attached via chain or rope...


Notice of Appeal to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

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Maryland Shall Issue Inc et al. v. Anne Arundel County, MD - Bill 108-21

On April 11, Maryland Shall Issue, along with four firearms and ammunition dealers, Field Traders, Cindy's Hot Shots, Pasadena Arms, and Worth-A-Shot, filed a suit in federal district court against Anne Arundel County, MD challenging Bill 108-21, an ordinance that mandates that sellers of firearms or ammunition within the county distribute county-prepared or sponsored literature with each sale and display the materials in their establishments. The complaint alleges that the ordinance is unconstitutional under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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MSI Spring 2022 Legal Update

Despite all of the necessary attention to the General Assembly and our work to fight off as much bad legislation as possible, MSI has been tirelessly involved in litigation on numerous fronts.

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