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pdf0District of Columbia v. Heller - Brief of the States of New York, Hawaii, Illinois, and Maryland as Amici Curiae in Support of the Petition for a Writ of Certiorari (10/5/2007)HOT
pdf1MSI v. Hogan (HQL) (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Notice of AppealHOT
pdf2Hulbert v. Pope (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Plantiffs' Opposition to Defendant's Motion for ReconsiderationHOT
pdf3Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - Order Remanding CaseHOT
pdf4New York State Rifle and Pistol Assoc. v. Bruen (S. Ct) - Brief Of Amici Curiae Second Amendment Foundation, et al. In Support Of Petitioners And ReversalHOT
pdf5Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - Order Directing Parties to File MemorandaHOT
pdf6Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - Appellees’ Memorandum Regarding JurisdictionHOT
pdf7Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - Defendant-Appellant Sgt. Brian T. Pope’s Memorandum On JurisdictionHOT
pdf8MSI v. Hogan (HQL) (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Memorandum OpinionHOT
pdf9MSI v. Montgomery County (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Plaintiffs’ Corrected Reply In Support Of Plaintiffs’ Motion To Sever And To RemandHOT
pdf10MSI v. Montgomery County (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Defendant's Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion to Sever and Remand to State CourtHOT
pdf11Lawrence v. Maryland (Court of Appeals of Maryland) - OpinionHOT

Decision from Maryland's highest court finding that ...

pdf12Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - Hulberts' Opposition to Pope's Motion to Suspend BriefingHOT
pdf13MSI v. Montgomery County (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Plaintiffs' Motion to Sever and Remand to State CourtHOT
pdf14Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir) - ORDER filed granting Motion to extend filing timeHOT
pdf15Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir.) - Defendants' MOTION to suspend briefing pending resolution of a motion for reconsideration , to extend filing time for opening brief and appendix until August 18, 2021HOT
pdf16MSI v. Montgomery County (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Defendant's Notice of Intent to file Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment and Motion to DismissHOT
pdf17Hulbert v. Pope (4th Cir.) - Defendant's Response Re Suggestion of DeathHOT
pdf18MSI v. Montgomery County (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Notice of RemovalHOT
pdf19Opinion in Walker v. Donahoe (4th Cir)HOT

3-judge panel decision upholding the stop of an individual in West Virginia who was legally openly carrying an AR15 rifle while walking.

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