Your Voice is Needed Against Montgomery County Bill 21-22

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Alabama Governor, George Wallace standing in defiance of the US Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954).

Not content with violating state law and the 2nd Amendment last year, Montgomery County is moving another bill that would make criminals of ordinary Marylanders who arm themselves for personal protection. Bill 21-22 would remove the exemption from Montgomery County Code § 57.11 for holders of Maryland Wear and Carry Permit from within 100 yards of "Place of Public Assembly," which the County defines to mean:

A “place of public assembly” is a place where the public may assemble, whether the place is publicly or privately owned, including a [government owned] park [identified by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission]; place of worship; [elementary or secondary] school; [public] library; [government-owned or -operated] recreational facility; hospital; community health center; long-term facility; or multipurpose exhibition facility, such as fairgrounds or a conference center. A place of public assembly includes all property associated with the place, such as a parking lot or grounds of a building.

See Montgomery County Code § 57.1 (definitions).

MSI has already filed suit against the County's privately made firearms legislation, Bill 4-21, which uses this definition to broadly ban the mere possession or transport of any firearm within 100 yards of "a place where the public may assemble." This new bill would remove the existing exception for permit carry that has long existed in the County Code. We believe that this bill is a clear violation of the Supreme Court's decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen as it would ban carry by a permit holder virtually everywhere in the County, including stores and businesses throughout the County. While Bruen allows a government to ban carry in "sensitive places" such as "legislative assemblies, polling places, and courthouses," nothing in Bruen can be read to allow a government to ban carry with a permit everywhere the public "may assemble." The State Police have now implemented Bruen and are issuing permits to all otherwise qualified applicants without any need to show a "good and substantial reason." All such applicants must still undergo extensive training and a rigorous background investigation. Carry permits will be useless in Montgomery County if this bill is enacted and allowed to stand. We are interested in hearing from MSI members or others who would be adversely affected by this proposed legislation, if enacted. You can contact us at

The bill was introduced before the Montgomery County Council yesterday (7/12/22) and will have a public hearing on Tuesday, July 26th at 1 pm. We encourage those who live or work in, travel through, or visit Montgomery County, to testify against Bill 21-22. Again, the hearing is scheduled for 1:30 pm on July 26thClick HERE to sign up to testify in person or remotely via Zoom. You can also call 240-777-7803. You can also provide written or recorded testimony at

NOTE: Online Sign Up opens at 9am on Friday, 7/15
Please remember that when you testify, you are not only speaking for yourself but also as an ambassador for the right to keep and bear arms. Here are some tips:
  • Remember that whether you like it or not, you're an ambassador for the supporters of the 2nd Amendment and self-defense rights supporters sitting behind you and the rest of us. Disparaging remarks might feel good, but they don't help. Do everyone proud!
  • Briefly introduce yourself and where you're from.
  • Respectfully speak your mind.
  • Drive home how the bill personally affects you.
  • Use your personal experiences and expertise to advocate from positions of strength. 
  • Avoid unnecessary redundancy. Make or further a point that has not been stated yet by someone else.
  • Be sincere and concise. You will probably have only two minutes to speak.
  • Dress and present yourself appropriately.
  • Always remain civil.

This is very much like live TV, so dress accordingly, and pay attention to your background if speaking virtually. Committee members may ask questions of you, so be ready to think on your feet.

Council President Albornoz wants the bill passed by August 26th. We note that Council President Albornoz is standing for reelection as the County Council member at large in the Democratic Party primary on July 19, 2022. Please exercise your constitutional right to vote!

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