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How to Find a Firearms Attorney

There may come a time when you need an attorney knowledgeable in firearm law. It could be for something relatively simple like a gun trust, handling transfers between family members, or a much more urgent need, a case of self-defense. As a responsible gun owner, you should consider building a relationship with an attorney before their services are needed. Views and opinions on various legal matters and laws are extremely common on the Internet, and members of law enforcement may be familiar with some things.  Do not rely on such informal sources.  Even law enforcement officers are often wrong on the law. The safest approach for whatever you need is to build a relationship with a competent attorney.


 Maryland Shall Issue and its officers cannot make endorsements of attorneys, offer specific legal advice, or provide legal representation!

Generally, an attorney who handles trusts and estates alone in another jurisdiction is probably not the best choice for advice concerning the intricacies of our varied patchwork of firearm laws or defending against criminal charges in a more dire scenario. Generally, it’s best to choose a local attorney who specializes in firearm law or has extensive experience representing and defending those facing firearm-related charges. Local attorneys may have more experience working with prosecutors and judges. An ideal attorney in the latter type of case may be one who is a former States Attorney or Assistant States Attorney. 


How to find that ideal candidate for your needs

• Seek Recommendations on Counsel from the Local Firearms Community and Industry

It’s likely you’re not the only person in your area that’s needed good legal help for one reason or another. Your local gun shops, clubs, online forums, and instructors might offer potential referrals for you. If at all possible, getting the contact information of than one attorney might be beneficial to you.


• Check with the NRA

Like Maryland Shall Issue, the NRA cannot offer specific legal advice.  However, the NRA does offer a list of attorneys who’ve made their names and contact information available (remember, a local may be preferable!). This list is for NRA members and is free of charge. Their Office of Legislative Counsel can be reached at 703-267-1161, or for more information go here.


• Internet Search Engine

If you do choose this route, type ‘your city’ and then “firearm lawyer” into your preferred search engine. You should see a list of local attorneys that specialize in firearm law. Be aware that this method isn’t necessarily showing you the attorneys that best suit your needs, as the attorneys that appear first may have paid for their high placement. Be sure to thoroughly check the website of any potential attorney for anything that indicates that they specialize in your needs.

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