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A small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket or collar to show your support for MSI’s mission at all types of events or gatherings. Approximate size is .5” wide and 1" long, with a clutch back.


We wear ours on 2A Tuesday while walking around Annapolis, but they can also be worn to those Friends of NRA dinners or tacked on to a hat or winter jacket.

MSI Lapel Pin

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Medical Marijuana and Guns

With the recent changes in Maryland law concerning medical marijuana, see MD Code, Health - General, § 13-3304 et seq., and the push to legalize the use of marijuana in Maryland, a recurring issue is how such marijuana use would affect your Second Amendment rights.  The short answer is that it may well act to abrogate those rights by (1) barring a FFL from selling a firearm to such a user and (2), by making such a user a prohibited person under federal law.

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Supreme Court Denies MSI's Petition for Cert in Kolbe!

Well no surprise, Brian Frosh, as Maryland Attorney General, has opposed our Petition for Certiorari (definition) in Kolbe.  We are shocked (not really).  You can find that opposition here.

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