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A small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket or collar to show your support for MSI’s mission at all types of events or gatherings. Approximate size is .5” wide and 1" long, with a clutch back.


We wear ours on 2A Tuesday while walking around Annapolis, but they can also be worn to those Friends of NRA dinners or tacked on to a hat or winter jacket.

MSI Lapel Pin

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Latest News

Victory in the 9th Circuit!

In a huge decision authored by Judge O'Scannlain, a split panel of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that Hawaii's ban on open carry outside the home in that state violates the Second Amendment under any level of scrutiny. The decision, Young v. Hawaii, can be found here. The decision is very scholarly, carefully reasoned and a powerful statement that the Second Amendment is not a "second-class" right or a constitutional "orphan."

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Maryland Wear and Carry Permits


Who Can Get a Maryland Carry Permit?

You have probably heard the MYTH that it is impossible to obtain a concealed carry permit in Maryland.

Many people qualify for a carry permit and don’t even know it!

Although the process can be difficult, we have helped many of our members obtain a carry permit.

This informational guide can start you down the path to carrying legally in Maryland.


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