House Judiciary Committee to Consider HB425 - YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED!

Request an unfavorable of HB425

The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider HB425 Public Safety - Untraceable Firearms in a voting session starting at 1:30pm today (3/4/2021). We have a thorough analysis of the bill in our written testimony HERE. Briefly, existing owners have until the end of the year to have a federally licensed manufacturer (Type 07 FFL) inscribe any unserialized firearm that a person may possess. The same requirement applies to any unfinished frames or receivers one might have. No manufacturer is required to provide this service and manufacturers are free to charge any amount if they do. Failure to comply is punishable by up to three years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 per gun (or receiver). Conviction of this "crime" is a lifetime disqualifier from ever possessing modern firearms or ammunition.

Contact the members of the committee directly to respectfully make your concerns with the bill known and to urge them for an unfavorable report. Their email addresses are below to copy and paste into your preferred email client. Be sure to have HB425 in your subject line.

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The committee session will be viewable HERE at or shortly after 1:30pm.

For a primer on the legislative process, be sure to read our guide HERE.


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