MDGA22 Testimony in Support of HB1288 "Public Safety - Handgun Permit Application Fee - Waiver for Disabled Residents"

HB1288 Public Safety - Handgun Permit Application Fee - Waiver for Disabled Residents
Delegate Arikan, et al.
MSI SUPPORTS this bill!
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The Bill: This bill would amend MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-304. That Section sets out fees charged by the State of Maryland in connection with an application for a wear and carry permit issued by the Maryland State Police for the wear, carry or transport of a handgun under MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-306. Those fees are “(i) $75 for an initial application; (ii) $50 for a renewal or subsequent application; and

(iii) $10 for a duplicate or modified permit”. See Section 5-304(b)(2). Subsection 5-304(d) provides that the Secretary of the State Police may not charge a fee otherwise imposed by Section 5-304 for “a State, county, or municipal public safety employee” who is required to carry a firearm as a condition of employment, or to a “retired law enforcement officer of the State or a county or municipal corporation of the State.”

The bill would add to that list A DISABLED PERSON, and would thus prohibit the Secretary from charging fees to a disabled person. For the sake of clarity, the bill also amends MD Code, Public Safety, § 5-301 to define a “disabled person” for these purposes, providing that a disabled person is a person who (1) HAS BEEN CERTIFIED AS DISABLED BY A UNIT OF THE STATE OR THE UNITED STATES THAT CLASSIFIES DISABLED INDIVIDUALS; AND (2) IS A RESIDENT OF THE STATE. The bill makes no modification to the requirements for a permit otherwise imposed by Section 5-306.

Discussion: This bill makes sense. People with disabilities are often uniquely susceptible to physical attack precisely because their disability may hinder or impede their ability to defend themselves. See As such, the State Police recognize that such individuals may well qualify for a wear and carry permit. Yet, such disabilities may also contribute to financial hardship. Persons should not be forced to choose between their need for self-defense and their ability to otherwise provide for themselves. The amounts involved are relatively small but may well be significant to a person with disabilities. Nothing in this bill would amend or change the rigorous training requirements otherwise imposed by Section 5-306(a)(5), including the requirement that the applicant demonstrate, through a scored course of live fire, “proficiency and use of the firearm.” See Section 306-5(a)(5)(ii). Nothing in the bill would change the requirement, imposed by Section 5-306(b)6), that the applicant demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the State Police, a “good and substantial reason” for the issuance of a carry permit. The only thing that would change is that the person with State-recognized disabilities would be spared the $75 initial application fee, the $50 renewal fee, and the $10 fee for a modified permit. That is a small price for the State to pay to assist such persons.

We urge a favorable report.


Mark W. Pennak
President, Maryland Shall Issue, Inc.

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