2022 General Assembly Week Three Update

So-Called "Ghost Guns."  Two New Bills:

The two identical bills that would criminalize the possession of any unserialized firearms in Maryland have been scheduled for separate hearings in the House and Senate. Your testimony against them could mean the difference between incarcerating innocent Marylanders and being able to legally keep arms you've always had the right to have. If they are going to be stopped or amended, YOUR TESTIMONY is needed.

House Bill 425 is being heard on 2/9 in a virtual-only (Zoom) hearing starting at 1 pm.
Sign up for this hearing starts on 2/7 at 8 am and ends at 3 pm. Sign-up is done with your MyMGA account.

Senate Bill 387 is being heard on 2/16 in-person in a hearing starting at 1 pm in the Senate Judicial Proceedings room. Sign-up starts on 2/15 at 4 pm and ends the morning of the hearing at 10 am. Sign-up is best done with your MyMGA account.

The only way to guarantee that your input on the bill is received is to submit written testimony. You can, and should, signup to provide oral testimony too, but the committees are free to set time limits and be very selective in who gets to speak. Read more in our guide on how this all works here: https://www.marylandshallissue.org/jmain/legislation-tracker/166-tips-testimony-mga

We have a Frequently Asked Questions page about what these bills do and don't do HERE.

Find all of the bills submitted so far and how to testify with our Tracker at: tinyurl.com/mdgunbills

Bills Introduced Since the Last Update

ℹ️ HB482 Firearms – Right to Purchase, Own, Possess, and Carry – Medical Cannabis
Delegate Robin Grammer
MSI is providing Informational Testimony only.
Hearing not yet scheduled.

Though not identical, HB482 works similarly to Senator Hough's SB286 in that it would disallow the state from denying firearms purchase, ownership, or carry to those authorized to consume medical cannabis. As we have explained in previous years, the trouble lies with the federal prohibition of cannabis and federal law that bars the users of illegal substances from acquiring or possessing firearms. While the State of Maryland might turn a blind eye, nothing the state could or would do can stop the federal government from enforcing laws passed by congress. A gun buyer who uses would be left in a precarious spot; disclose that they are an unlawful user trying to buy a gun, or lie and commit an act of perjury — both of which are prosecutable federal felonies with stiff penalties. Furthermore, nothing would prevent a local prosecutor from using that prohibition as a pretense to initiate a criminal investigation of someone who is using cannabis and possesses firearms. Delegate CT Wilson eloquently explained this last year in the House when SB190 was being cannibalized on the floor. We sympathize with all parties involved on this issue, but it’s all moot until the federal government removes cannabis usage as a prohibitor of firearms possession. Until then, citizens who consume are vulnerable.

SB456 Firearms – Handgun Qualification License – Firearms Orientation Component
Senator Jack Bailey
Hearing scheduled for 2/16 at 1:00p
Signup to testify on 2/15 between 4pm and 10am 2/16 with your MyMGA Account
For more on how to testify and signup, read our guide.

This bill would remove the requirement that live ammunition be fired in order to complete the training necessary for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL). Inert training tools such as "dummy" rounds, lasers, or other implements can be used to demonstrate the safe handling of a firearm without the need for a shooting range. Places like Baltimore City do not have any ranges at all, ironically making safety training less available to residents. It's worth mentioning that our litigation against the Handgun Qualification License is still ongoing, but is on pause at the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit pending the outcome of New York State Rifle and Pistol Assoc. v. Bruen.

SB533 Criminal Law - Theft of a Firearm
Senator Justin Ready
Hearing scheduled for 2/16 at 1:00p
Signup to testify on 2/15 between 4pm and 10am 2/16 with your MyMGA Account
For more on how to testify and signup, read our guide.

SB533 would make the theft of a firearm a felony and would penalize those who deprive a citizen of their means to protect themselves. Maryland should not be punishing mistakes by otherwise innocent persons so severely while letting actual thieves of firearms off the hook with the proverbial “slap on the wrist.” After all, thieves actually know that stealing is criminal. Nothing good can come from stealing a firearm. 

As always, stay tuned for more info and don’t forget to check our Tracker. Consider joining us if you haven’t already and be sure to tell your friends and family about what’s going on in Annapolis!

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Latest News

Montgomery County Bill 21-22E is in Effect

It is now practically impossible for anyone other than active police officers and security guards to lawfully carry a firearm for personal defense in public within Montgomery County.

On 11/28/2022, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich signed Bill 21-22E into law. The Bill goes into effect immediately. The Bill has now banned the possession, transport, sale or transfer of any firearm in countless locations across Maryland's most populous county. It is now legally very risky to carry a firearm in Montgomery County with a wear and carry permit. Bill 21-22E repealed the prior exemption for permit holders and then imposes its bans on a long list of locations, including within 100 yards of such locations.  It is simply impossible, as a practical matter, to possess and transport a firearm in the County in public with a wear and carry permit in compliance with the County's gun laws. That is because it is nearly impossible to move around the County without entering one or more of the many 100-yard exclusion zones enacted by Bill 21-22E. 

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