In Memoriam: Henry Heymering, Founder of Maryland Shall Issue

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our Founder, Henry Heymering on January 19th, 2022 at 71. Henry founded Maryland Shall Issue in 2004 with the aim of taking a different approach to pro-2nd Amendment and self-defense advocacy by focusing on non-partisan outreach and education. During his time as president, MSI became one of the regular entities in Annapolis working to protect the interests of gun owners. MSI helped to fend off earlier attempts at banning the possession of common semi-automatic rifles and handguns, taxes on ammunition, and hosts of other attempts at criminalizing or further burdening gun ownership. MSI had also pushed for a Maryland constitutional amendment recognizing the right to keep and bear arms and bills that would allow citizens to apply for permits to carry a handgun in public without needing a "good and substantial reason," hence our name. Toward the end of his presidency, he also signed MSI on as amicus in a brief in support of the landmark, District of Columbia v. Heller. His chronology on Maryland's carry laws is often cited in our testimony and that of other advocates.

Long before he founded MSI, Henry was a life-long horseback rider and became a farrier (one who shoes horses) as a teenager. His interest and work led him to create the American Farriers Journal in 1975 and he'd go on to become a world-renowned authority in the field. When he wasn't caring for and enjoying the company of horses, he was also a musician and cowboy action shooter.

MSI's all-volunteer tradition of advocating before lawmakers, in courtrooms, and most importantly, the people, are all thanks to Henry. His legacy will be carried on and continues through our work to finally make Maryland shall issue.

Apr, 9 2022
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August 2023 Legal Update

Novotny v. Moore - Challenge against aspects of SB 1 and current public carry restrictions

Maryland Shall Issue, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and three individuals have challenged SB 1. That bill passed this last Session of the General Assembly places many unconstitutional restrictions on the right to carry with a permit in Maryland. The case is styled Novotny v. Moore and has been consolidated with Kipke v. Moore in federal district court in Baltimore. Kipke was brought by the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association. Plaintiffs in both cases have filed motions for preliminary injunctions and motions for summary judgment with the aim of stopping enforcement of certain restrictions placed by SB 1 by October 1st, the bill’s effective date. Briefing is ongoing in both cases and then the court will decide whether to hold an oral argument and simply move to the issuance of a decision. The court is not required to decide the case within any set time. We will provide updates of importance as they occur. Find all of the filings in both of these cases HERE.

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