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House Judiciary Committee Gun Bills
Monday, February 25, 2019, 10:00am
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Monday, February 25, 2019
Full Committee - Bill Hearing
10:00 AM - House Office Building, Room 100, Annapolis, MD
Del Dumais
Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Payment of Fees
Del Dumais
Public Safety - Firearms Disqualifications - Antique Firearm (Shadé's Law)
Del Dumais
Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Transfer
The Spkr (Admin), et al
Crimes - Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence or Felony - Penalties (The Repeat Firearms Offender Act of 2019)
Del Reilly, et al
Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun - Qualifications
Del Stein, et al
Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage Requirements
Del Cox, et al
Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun - Qualifications
Del Ivey, et al
Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Colt AR-15 Sporter H-BAR Rifle
Del Beitzel, et al
Criminal Law - Theft of a Firearm
Del Dumais, et al
Criminal Law – Firearms – Computer–Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3–D Printed Firearms and Ghost Guns)
Del Grammer, et al
Firearms - Right to Purchase, Own, Possess, and Carry - Medical Cannabis (Patients' Rights Act)
(Jointly assigned to JudiciaryHealth and Government Operations)
Del Bartlett
Office of the Attorney General - Crime Firearms - Study
Del Szeliga, et al
Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Church or Religious Organization Property (Parishioner Protection Act of 2019)
Del Atterbeary, et al
Public Safety - Rifles and Shotguns - Transactions
Del Howard, et al
Public Safety – Assault Weapons – Replacements (Legally Owned Firearms Replacement Act)
Del Haynes
Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission – Training Requirements – Firearms
Del Beitzel, et al
Criminal Procedure - Forfeiture of Firearms - Sale to Dealer
Location Room 101 House Office Building Annapolis, MD 21401

Latest News

Appeal in Handgun Qualification License Lawsuit Filed

On June 24th 2019, Maryland Shall Issue, Atlantic Guns, and the individual plaintiffs filed our opening brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit from the district court’s dismissal in our challenge of the Handgun Qualification License. The District Court held that none of the plaintiffs had standing to complain about the HQL. In doing so, the court ignored much of the evidence of record, impermissibly acted as a fact finder on summary judgment and committed numerous errors of law in order to reach the result it did. You can read the newly filed brief HERE.

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Response to “The handgun board that couldn't shoot straight.”

The Sun, in its February 8, 2019 editorial, ably demonstrates once again that it does not grasp the complexity of gun law in Maryland in asserting that the Handgun Permit Review Board somehow has created a “loophole” in Maryland gun law by reversing the Maryland State Police 222 times on handgun wear and carry permits issued by the State Police. 

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