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zip0Davis 28j Letter refiledHOT

Letter advising the Fourth Circuit of the Supreme Court's decision in Davis

pdf1Davis 28j LetterHOT

Letter advising the Fourth Circuit of the Supreme Court's decision in Davis

pdf2Brief Whalen v. HPRBHOT

Whalen v. Handgun Permit Review Board, brief of appellant. Court of Special Appeals

pdf3HQL Suit - Amicus Curiae Brief by NSSFHOT

Brief filed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in support of MSI and Atlantic Guns's suit against Maryland's Handgun Qualification License.

pdf4HQL Suit - Amicus Curiae Brief by NRA and MSRPAHOT

Brief filed by the National Rifle Association and Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association in support of MSI and Atlantic Guns's  lawsuit against Maryland's Handgun Qualification

pdf5SAF and CCRKBA Amicus in HQL LawsuitHOT


From the Second Amendment Foundation: "The Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear

pdf6Origins of Restrictions in MarylandHOT
pdf7HQL Brief of AppellantsHOT

Brief of appellants, MSI, Individual Plaintiffs and Atlantic Guns in the HQL litigation Standing

pdf8Reply of Appellants Bump Stock AppealHOT

Reply of Plaintiffs Appellants Fourth Circuit Bumpstock appeal

pdf9Letter to Chris Shank HOT
pdf10NYC Letter to SCTHOT
pdf11Bump Stock Brief of StateHOT
pdf12HQL Memorandum Opinion of DCTHOT

District court decision dismissing the case on standing

pdf13Hulbert 1st Amendment opinionHOT
pdf14Letter To Sun re HB 786HOT

Letter to Sun on Delegate Atterbeary


pdf152019 MGA Written Testimony in Opposition to SB1000 and HB1343 - Public Safety - Handgun Permit Review Board - RepealHOT

n regard to: ...

pdf16MGA2019: Written Testimony in Opposition to SB8 - Criminal Law - Computer-Aided Firearm Fabrication - ProhibitionsHOT

In reference to: SB8

pdf172019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB740 and SB882 - Criminal Law – Firearms – Computer–Aided Fabrication and Serial Number (3D Printed Firearms & Ghost Guns)HOT

HB740 and ...

pdf182019 MGA Testimony in Support of HB342, HB541, and SB115 - Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun - QualificationsHOT

In reference to: 

pdf192019 MGA Testimony in Opposition to HB468 and SB441 - Public Safety - Access to Firearms - Storage RequirementsHOT

Latest News

Montgomery County Bill 21-22E is in Effect

It is now practically impossible for anyone other than active police officers and security guards to lawfully carry a firearm for personal defense in public within Montgomery County.

On 11/28/2022, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich signed Bill 21-22E into law. The Bill goes into effect immediately. The Bill has now banned the possession, transport, sale or transfer of any firearm in countless locations across Maryland's most populous county. It is now legally very risky to carry a firearm in Montgomery County with a wear and carry permit. Bill 21-22E repealed the prior exemption for permit holders and then imposes its bans on a long list of locations, including within 100 yards of such locations.  It is simply impossible, as a practical matter, to possess and transport a firearm in the County in public with a wear and carry permit in compliance with the County's gun laws. That is because it is nearly impossible to move around the County without entering one or more of the many 100-yard exclusion zones enacted by Bill 21-22E. 

MSI Bill Tracker - 2023 Maryland General Assembly Regular Session

2023 Gun Bill Tracker Graphic

This tracker follows legislation and lawmakers in the Maryland General Assembly. It serves as an easily searchable gun and self-defense-related bill database for supporters of the right to keep and bear arms.

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Red ❌= Oppose
Green ✅= Support
Light Green ✅= Support with Amendment
Blue ℹ️= Informational Testimony Only (provides knowledge for the committee on the bill without taking a position)
Gray = Position Pending or None Taken

MSI Guide - Tips For Your Testimony in the Maryland General Assembly

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