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pdf3The Racist Roots of Gun ControlHOT
pdf4Reply In Support of Motion To DismissHOT
pdf5Opposition to Motion To Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf6Motion to Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf7Motion to Dismiss First AmendmentHOT
pdf8First Amendment Case (Hulbert Brothers)HOT

pdf9Comments on ATF Proposal Regarding Bump StocksHOT

MSI's legal comments on the proposed ATF rule regarding bump stocks.

pdf10Testimony on Campus Carry proposed legislation HB 904 in 2018HOT

Testimony on Campus Carry proposed legislation HB 904 in 2018

pdf11Wear and Carry Wear and Carry permit lawuit complaintHOT

pdf12Veto request for HB819, the Handgun Permit Review Board repeal billHOT
pdf13Red Flag Bill - HB1302 - TestimonyHOT
pdf14Testimony on HB 991HOT

Testimony on HB 991 - Magazine Ban

pdf15Testimony on HB 819HOT

Testimony on HB 819 - HPRB Repeal

pdf16Testimony on HB 792HOT

Testimony on HB 792 - Permit Expiration

pdf17Testimony on HB 760HOT

Testimony on HB 760 - School Carry

pdf18Testimony on HB 758HOT

Testimony on HB 758 Church Carry

pdf19Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 THOT

Testimony on HB 730 and HB 1031 - Transfer Definition

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Maryland Shall Issue Inc et al. v. Anne Arundel County, MD - Bill 108-21

On April 11, Maryland Shall Issue, along with four firearms and ammunition dealers, Field Traders, Cindy's Hot Shots, Pasadena Arms, and Worth-A-Shot, filed a suit in federal district court against Anne Arundel County, MD challenging Bill 108-21, an ordinance that mandates that sellers of firearms or ammunition within the county distribute county-prepared or sponsored literature with each sale and display the materials in their establishments. The complaint alleges that the ordinance is unconstitutional under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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MSI Spring 2022 Legal Update

Despite all of the necessary attention to the General Assembly and our work to fight off as much bad legislation as possible, MSI has been tirelessly involved in litigation on numerous fronts.

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