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pdf04th Circuit opinion on Baltimore Air surveillance HOT

Decision upholding the constitutionality of the program. 

pdf1Drummond Opposition to Gifford Motion to Participate in Oral Argument (2) HOT

Drummond Opp.

pdf2Drummond Opposition to Gifford Motion to Participate in Oral Argument

Drummond Opp.

pdf3Opinion in Kanter v Barr (7th Circuit, 2019) HOT

 Opinion contains the dissent of nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barret.

pdf44CA Amended Opinion in MSI v Hogan (HQL) HOT

In Maryland Shall Issue v Hogan (19-1469)

pdf59CA Opinion in Duncan v Becerra HOT

2-1 Decision finding California's ban on possession of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds unconstitional under the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

pdf64CA Opinion in MSI v Hogan (HQL) HOT

In Maryland Shall Issue v Hogan (19-1469)


Maryland Shall Issue, inc. v Lawrence Hogan 18-2474

pdf84CA Opinion - MSI v Hogan 18-2474 HOT

Opinion in challenge to SB707's takings of personal property.

pdf9MD Court of Special Appeals Decision - Whalen v Handgun Permit Review Board HOT
pdf10Letter to court 28j Lomax as filed HOT

In regard to Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. v. Hogan, No. 18-2474 (4th Cir.)

pdf11Letter to court 28j Aposhian as filed HOT

In regard to MSI v Hogan (18-2474), 4th Cir.

pdf12Letter to Governor Hogan to Shut Down Gun Stores HOT
pdf13Gatherings-FOURTH-AMENDED-3-30-20 HOT
pdf15Testimony in Opposition to SB1050 HOT
pdf16Testimony in Opposition to SB664 HOT
pdf17Testimony in Support of SB672, SB674, and HB914 HOT
pdf18Testimony in Support of SB881 HOT
pdf19Testimony in Support of SB880 HOT

Latest News

Maryland Shall Issue, Inc. et al v. Montgomery County, Maryland

On May 28, 2021, Maryland Shall Issue, Engage Armament, ICE Firearms & Defensive Training, and several residents of Montgomery County, Maryland, filed suit against the County, challenging its enactment of Bill 4-21. That Bill criminalizes the mere possession of privately made firearms without providing compensation and redefines the meaning of "place of public assembly" to encompass virtually the entirety of Montgomery County just in order to criminalize otherwise perfectly lawful firearms possession in the home and elsewhere. The suit seeks declaratory and injunctive relief and an award of damages, including punitive damages. 

You can read the complaint HERE.

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Hulbert v. Pope goes to Trial!

We at Maryland Shall Issue send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jeff Hulbert. Jeff passed this morning (5/3/2021) surrounded by his loved ones after a lengthy and valiant battle against cancer. He was an outspoken and stalwart proponent of individual rights and a fierce supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Jeff founded the Patriot Picket, a group that "hits the bricks" with stylized signs and pointed political messages in promotion and defense of those rights. Please keep the Hulbert family in your thoughts and prayers as we remember and honor Jeff.

A Decision Three Long Years in the Making (and it still isn't over)

The First Amendment protects the right to advocate so in fundamentally important ways, the First Amendment helps protect the Second Amendment. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, including unlawful arrests. So when two MSI members, Jeff and Kevin Hulbert, were arrested on the sidewalks of Annapolis on the evening of February 5th, 2018 for holding edgy signs that criticized the powers that be in the General Assembly, MSI and the Hulberts swiftly filed suit in federal court in Baltimore for a violation of their First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights. The arresting officers were named as defendants, but they are represented by counsel from the State Attorney General's Office.

Video of arrests on 2/5/2018 - "1st Amendment Under Attack"

In an opening gambit, the defendants first moved to dismiss the complaint for failure to state a claim, but that effort failed when the Court didn't buy it. Then extensive discovery ensured, which was delayed with the pandemic. That discovery showed that the arrests that night stemmed from a call from the Governor's mansion to have the group moved because the "mansion" did not want to be bothered with questions or attempts at conversations by the protestors. Everyone (including the defendants and other officers at the Capitol Police) admitted that these orders came from the "mansion," but, amazingly, no one at the "mansion" could identify who gave the orders. We did discover that such orders happen as often as twice a month, or whenever someone at the "mansion" decides that the "mansion" does not want to deal with completely peaceful protestors lawfully exercising their First Amendment rights. We can only wonder at the identity of this "mansion" person.

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