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pdf0Fooks v. State of Maryland - Court of Special Appeals Opinion
pdf1MSI v. Montgomery County (MoCo Cir.Ct.) - Plaintiffs’ Submission Of Supplemental AuthoritiesHOT
pdf2MSI v. Montgomery County (MoCo Cir.Ct.) - Plaintiffs' Renewed Motion for Summary Judgment
pdf3In the Matter of William Rounds (MD Court of Special Appeals) - Unreported Opinion
pdf4Advice Letter from MD Office of the Attorney General on “Good and Substantial Reason”HOT
pdf5In the Matter of Edward Whalen (Balt. Co Cir.Ct) - Petitioner's Notice of Supplemental Authorities
pdf6In the Matter of Edward Whalen (Balt. Co Cir.Ct) - Petitioner's Motion for Summary ReversalHOT

Permit Denial for lack of "Good and Substantial Reason".

In the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, Maryland. Case No. C-03-CV-21-000853

pdf7Maryland State Police - Processing of Handgun Permit Applications SOP 29-19-004HOT

Standard Operating Procedures currently in effect since 8/5/2019

pdf8Call v. Jones III (Carry Permits - 4th Cir) - Briefing OrderHOT
pdf9Maryland Shall Issue et al. v. Hogan (HQL - 4th Cir) - Briefing Order - Civil-Agency Cross AppealHOT
pdf10Opinion in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, 597 U.S. ___ (2022)HOT
pdf11Maryland Shall Issue et al. v. Hogan (HQL - 4th Cir) - 21-1 28j Letter to Court re BruenHOT
pdf12Hulbert v. Pope (US Dist. Ct, MD) - Defendant's motion re Memorandum Opinion and Order
pdf13Mayor And City Council Of Baltimore Vs Polymer80, Inc., Et Al (Baltimore City Cir.Ct.) - ComplaintHOT
pdf14MSI et al. v. Anne Arundel County (AACo Cir.Ct.) - Amendments Proposed to Bill 109-21HOT
pdf15MSI et al. v. Anne Arundel County (AACo Cir.Ct.) - Directive on May 24th HearingHOT
pdf16MSI et al. v. Anne Arundel County (AACo Cir.Ct.) - Plaintiffs' Notice of Supplemental Authorities
pdf17Bill File of 1972 SB 205 - Handgun Control LawHOT
pdf18MSI v. Montgomery County (MoCo Cir.Ct.) - Defendant's Reply To Plaintiffs’ Supplemental Memorandum Regarding Enactment Of Senate Bill 387 And House Bill 425 Into LawHOT
pdf19MSI v. Montgomery County (MoCo Cir.Ct.) - Written Testimony Of Mark W. Pennak, President, Msi, In Opposition To HB 425 And SB 387 (Exh. A)HOT

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MSI Bill Tracker - 2023 Maryland General Assembly Regular Session

2023 Gun Bill Tracker Graphic

This tracker follows legislation and lawmakers in the Maryland General Assembly. It serves as an easily searchable gun and self-defense-related bill database for supporters of the right to keep and bear arms.

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Red ❌= Oppose
Green ✅= Support
Light Green ✅= Support with Amendment
Blue ℹ️= Informational Testimony Only (provides knowledge for the committee on the bill without taking a position)
Gray = Position Pending or None Taken

MSI Guide - Tips For Your Testimony in the Maryland General Assembly

To Sign-up to testify, you MUST make a MyMGA Account!

Find your representatives HERE
Committee Contacts can be found HERE

Montgomery County Moving Ahead with Bill 21-22

Bill 21 22 graphic

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