What this state has done to me is just so wrong!

18 Jun 2017 08:53#1 by tomp41
I am a 75 yr old who has lived in MD since 1955. I have been a gun owner, shooter, competition shotgun shooter my whole adult life. Owned many handguns shotguns and rifles. Late last yr 20016, I decided to buy a handgun, since I had not bought one since 1990 and wanted another one. I went through the whole HQL thing and it was finally approved. Went to my local dealer and picked out the handgun I wanted and did all the paperwork. 5 days later the State Police cancelled my HQL before I was able to pick up my new handgun. Then they notified me they were taking procession of the one handgun I owned and I would have to transfer my long guns to a family member because I was not allowed to own or shoot a gun! The Firearms Enforcement Unit came to my house and took my handgun and transferred my long guns to my Brother.

Turns out all this because of a 50 year old conviction for a Misdemeanor charge in AA County for 4 bounced checks in the amount of less than $100 which in court I was fined $10 and $4 court costs for each charge! Which I had made restitution on before going to court. However this Misdemeanor was punishable by up to 10 yrs in prison so it falls in the Federal and now State of MD laws for prohibiting a person from buying a regulated firearm.

This all makes no sense to me and something here really stinks! It appears the mistake I made was trying to buy a regulated firearm since the states laws have changed in the last few yrs. Now I was red flagged because of this 50 yr old Misdemeanor and had my guns taken away. But my question is what about the thousands of other persons out there in this state that must have some sort of conviction on their record that was punishable by 2 yrs or more in prison which is the standard used by the Federal and now State in their reasons for turning down a person when trying to buy a regulated firearm. But they have not applied for a HQL so they are not Red Flagged. Why are they allowed to keep their firearms when I am not just because I applied for a HQL! Something is not right here!

I hired a Lawyer and ended up filing a petition for a Governors Pardon which is what the State Police Recommended in February and was told there were 200 cases in front of me! That cost me $2500.00 Now all I can do is wait and hope the Governor will eventually read my petition and grant me a Pardon. Meanwhile I cannot pursue my passion which is shooting competition Sporting Clays, which I am the 2014 Maryland AA Class and Super Veteran State Champion.

Is there anybody on this Forum who has experienced this sort of thing or could give me any advice about resolving this problem?

Tom Pendleton

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