Legislative Session Recap

12 Apr 2017 00:10#1 by Silent-Partner
Silent-Partner created the topic: Legislative Session Recap
Just finished reading, Great write up. Please make sure this gets posted on MDShooters and ask the membership to contact their representatives and thank them for their support.
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President Trump picks Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court!

And it is a *wonderful* choice. While serving as an attorney in the Department of Justice, I argued a number of cases before Judge Kavanaugh, winning most, losing a few. Win or lose, I found his demeanor and questions from the bench during an argument and his written opinions and dissents to be outstanding.

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Bump Stock Lawsuit Filed!

On June 11, 2018, MSI and four individuals filed a class action suit challenging SB 707, the Bump Stock Bill that was signed into law by Governor Hogan on April 24.

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