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I'm now the Events Committee (as well as the chairman) but I'm looking to expand my domain. :) Ideally I would like to have someone from each geographic area of the state, i.e. western, southern, and eastern shore, plus one more "backup" member in the north/central area. (The last one is to take over a show when I have a schedule conflict, more on that in a bit.) The "duties" will not be extensive, mostly just keep an ear/eye out for anything of interest coming up in the area that might be a good fit for MSI to attend. So, anybody who is interested and can help out, please respond in this thread and/or send an email to , thanks!

While I'm on the subject, the shows are definitely bunching up on the calendar. While there is nothing I'm aware of in March, there are three in April and of course I have schedule conflicts with two of them! We have a Silverado in Frederick 1-2 Apr, I can't make it on Saturday (the 1st) but I will go down and set up Friday night, will just need "full coverage" for both Saturday shifts. I will be able to do my usual Sunday/take down. The following weekend, 8-9, is Timonium and I'm going to be out of town that whole time. For this one I will need to meet up with someone early that week to hand over the show kit. I can give more detailed instructions on how to put up the banner stand, etc. but will need hopefully experienced hands to do the show all weekend, then meet up again to re-transfer on Monday.

Also if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears so please chime in.
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