Chantilly show - assistance request

27 Dec 2016 16:25#1 by Howard R
Howard R created the topic: Chantilly show - assistance request
Some things slipped through the cracks, and MSI does not have a table at the Chantilly show this weekend. If anyone is planning to attend both the show and our upcoming membership meeting, if you could stop by the registration desk on your way in and pick me up a registration form for their next show in February it would be greatly appreciated.



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29 Dec 2016 20:05#2 by deMontjoie
deMontjoie replied the topic: Chantilly show - assistance request
Dang. I just got my schedule cleared and was gonna offer to be there all day on Saturday. Oh well -- the best laid plans of mice and men....

I'll drop by the show and should be able to get the form for you Howard.

Also, I should have some swag for the table for us to try out by the Feb shows. A dozen MSI-engraved self-defense/glass-breaker pens. And several MSI-engraved tactical flashlights. Whattya think?
We're just trying these out for now. But if they prove popular then we can order more.

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11 Feb 2017 17:42#3 by PoolShark
PoolShark replied the topic: Chantilly show - assistance request
Show looks to be on, and shows 1 open volunteer spot tomorrow -

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