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04 Nov 2016 14:25#1 by sky-flyer
PA CCW policy was created by sky-flyer
Maryland residents are again penalized in Pennsylvania. Under the current PA CCW permit policy, a non-resident of PA cannot obtain a non-resident CCW permit unless they possess a CCW permit from their state of residency. So, even though I have a Utah non-residence CCW permit, PA will not honor it because I don't have (and we all know it is impossible to get) a MD CCW permit. This is akin to telling residents of RI they can't drive in TX because they don't drive in a big state. I am so ready to leave the Democratic Peoples Republic of Maryland! Also, I found out the PA AG that came up with this BS law in in jail for 18 months for other bad decisions she made.

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04 Nov 2016 17:42#2 by Howard R
Replied by Howard R on topic PA CCW policy
There are still a few non-resident permits that the Inmate General was unable to mess with. Texas and New Hampshire come to mind, although I believe the training for a Texas permit has to be taken in Texas so that might be somewhat inconvenient. I think that there might be a few Marylanders who have obtained a NH non-resident but I don't know off the top of my head exactly what that entails.

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