AA Co Exec Steve Schuh Event 9/9/16

07 Aug 2016 15:27#1 by Mr H
County Exec Steve Schuh is throwing an "End of Summer" party and fundraiser...


A chance for folks to meet their elected officials, and bend their ears for a while.

You are likely to come across not only county-level officials, but possibly also Delegates, Senators, and candidates for Congress.

Not to mention a bunch of just generally good folk I've come to know over the past few years.

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09 Jan 2017 10:04#2 by Minuteman
Replied by Minuteman on topic AA Co Exec Steve Schuh Event 9/9/16
I attended a meeting the other day, and Steve Schuh was the guest speaker; he had a lot to say, and answered everyones questions. This was the longest I had ever heard him speak, I liked what he had to say. Although he's a developer, and some conservatives say a bit soft on conservative issues; I felt his direction was well reasoned, simple and effective. He laid out what his challenges were and how he was working to address them.

In my book, Steve Schuh: :thumbsup:

"...show them your support for gun rights" says NRA's Shannon Alford, she continues that an email or a phone call is important, but nothing has a bigger impact than talking directly to your representative. “Your voice in Annapolis is your vote in Annapolis,” says Alford.

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