17 Jul 2016 22:39#1 by grump1961
grump1961 created the topic: Questions
Good Evening Everyone,

I am new to this site but not to the fight.

Hopefully I am doing this right and not violating all rules.

Two questions.

1. What does it take to change the MSP rules for allowing CCW in Maryland?

2. Since this country is changing greatly with law enforcement becoming a target. Use this as leverage with Annapolis. As ex law enforcement I would relish someone coming to my aid from a law abiding CCW. At this point in time I believe the current police would relish it as well.

I'm sure I am preaching to the choir, I would much rather go out fighting and helping law enforcement versus sitting there watching someone getting murdered.

Thanks and glad to be part of the fight,


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18 Jul 2016 10:52#2 by dblas
dblas replied the topic: Questions

With regards to #1 there are several things, first, the Governor can advise the Secretary of State police to stop issuing restrictions on permits that are issued, as well as to stop requiring the proof of the nee for personal protection. That is the simplest thing. The other is a complete rewrite of the statute by the general assembly an thus a complete rewriting of the law.

With regards to #2, I won't discuss in public what our plans are on how we approach legislation in the 2017 legislative session, but you do make a good point for the general public, to use the current event, to help that initial prove personal testimony during the committee hearings on any bills this coming session.

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