Isis G&S reason

05 Jul 2016 19:08#1 by Fiveofds
Isis G&S reason was created by Fiveofds

Now isis is calling for Muslims to attack white people, this looks to me to be the so called "Good and Substantial cause" to fear for my and my family's safety. Some people might say I'm being silly but they have proved they can hit the US and are people. Think it's worth a try?

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09 Jul 2016 08:14#2 by MXRider
Replied by MXRider on topic Isis G&S reason
It's certainly worth a try because we won't know if it will be successful until someone does. I would anticipate that MSP will deny you. Not sure about the HPRB

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17 Nov 2016 08:46 - 17 Nov 2016 08:47#3 by jumpsfromplanes
Replied by jumpsfromplanes on topic Isis G&S reason
For awhile they were calling to kill us military folks and our families. Yet my hands are tied here in MD when it comes to guns. I have to act like we are all safe. I thin this is to reach out to extremest, but it is also to get us to turn on Muslim Americans. Muslim extremism has always been about attacking mostly people who's religion is from Abraham who are not like the. Muslims who are not extremest are targeted because they are not being good enough Muslims in the eyes of extremist. Keep our families safe. Turning on fellow Americans of any race, religion, political persuasion is a win for ISIS. And I have always thought that us being at war at all was cause for Americans to cc.
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