Please Review Range List

20 Apr 2016 23:30#1 by andrewkozak
andrewkozak created the topic: Please Review Range List
In an effort to improve our wiki, I have expanded the page "Ranges". You will find a list of 70+ ranges that are (allegedly) operating within the borders of our fair state. My primary source was the NRA range list, but the information seems outdated.

Please take a moment to browse to the Range page (link below) and look for anything that you can confirm or update. Feel free to make corrections on the wiki yourself or reply to this thread, and I will take care of the updates.

There is a Member Verification column (far right) for the name(s) of any member(s) who can vouch for the accuracy of an entry or entries. Same as with updates, reply with any ranges you want to vouch for being accurate and I'll add your username to that column. This will indicate which ranges have been vetted by the community, as well as provide a point of contact for anyone who might have questions for someone who has been to a particular range before.

Wiki "Ranges" lives here:

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21 Apr 2016 15:48#2 by 6Pack
6Pack replied the topic: Please Review Range List
Nice work!

There are 4-5 entries for the AGC on Marriottsville. They could be merged into one.

MSI Board of Director member
NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol, Rifle
CCW: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Utah

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23 Apr 2016 11:48#3 by BeoBill
BeoBill replied the topic: Please Review Range List
NICE job! :thumbsup:

Damascus Izaak Walton has two entries; MSAR has three; Myrtle Grove WMA has two; Sanner's Lake has two; St. Charles Sportsmen's Club has two.

I also think there may be some out of state ranges mixed in. but I could be wrong.

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25 Apr 2016 16:45#4 by rayward
rayward replied the topic: Please Review Range List
Didn't see an entry for the Machine Gun Nest in Frederick. They're a new 25-yard indoor range, mostly for non-serious shooters.
They also rent guns, including full-auto. You can blast away at a silhouette target, but there are no provisions for sighting in or bench rest.

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