2016 Bills I would like to see...

18 Jan 2016 10:22#1 by rjefmiller
rjefmiller created the topic: 2016 Bills I would like to see...
I contacted my Delegate David Vogt requesting that the following bills from last year be re-introduced. What are your thoughts?

1) HB432 Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Applicant Qualifications Repeal the "Good and Substantial Reason"

2) HB0767 Public Safety - Permit to Carry, Wear, or Transport a Handgun - Qualifications Specifically identify "Self Defense" as a valid "Good and Substantial Reason"

Any additions? Thanks in advance,


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19 Jan 2016 17:38#2 by 6Pack
6Pack replied the topic: 2016 Bills I would like to see...
I believe Sheriff Gahler is submitting something like HB432, although he did not contact MSI for input.

HB767 is moot as Personal Protection is already listed as one of the G&S reasons. We are working to get MSP to stop asking for the details they have been asking for.

Someone else will be along to offer more detail.

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19 Jan 2016 19:34#3 by Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty replied the topic: 2016 Bills I would like to see...
Yes, PLEASE reintroduce these bills. Maryland has to allow its citizens to protect ourselves. BOTTOM LINE:

Would Maryland prefer someone who has gone through background checks and fingerprinting and found to be a law abiding citizen to have a weapon for protection of life and property or continue he current SAFE FREE zones for criminals?

NO law is going to prevent gun crimes. Criminals are going to follow the law anyway..........

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