MSI Checks

10 Jan 2016 12:59#1 by donald31446
donald31446 created the topic: MSI Checks
I used to have NRA designed checks for my checking account to show my support for the NRA. Would it be possible For MSI to do the same and how would we go about having them produced and by what company?

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10 Jan 2016 13:28#2 by 6Pack
6Pack replied the topic: MSI Checks
I'm sure we could, it just needs to be researched. If you have time, do some googling and see what you find, then let us know.

MSI Board of Director member
NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol, Rifle
CCW: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Utah

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09 Feb 2016 07:36#3 by simpleman
simpleman replied the topic: MSI Checks
I found a few sites where you can create custom checks with photos or logos.

Link to example site for custom checks

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