McLean vs. MSP

    09 Dec 2015 21:43#1 by Pingman326
    Pingman326 created the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    Is anyone familiar with McLean vs. Md state police ? I'm in that exact position and was wondering if MSI is fighting to get these BS law changes reversed.

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    10 Dec 2015 12:38#2 by 6Pack
    6Pack replied the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    I'm not familiar with it by name, I'm sure esqappellate is. What is the short version of the case?

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    10 Dec 2015 12:46#3 by MXRider
    MXRider replied the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    Do you have a link to the case?

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    11 Dec 2015 23:00#4 by Pingman326
    Pingman326 replied the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    A gun store owner found out he was not able to own guns in Maryland because of a crime he committed when he was 19 yrs old. At the time the crime , breaking storehouse, only carried a maximum 6 month sentence which does not disqualify a person from owning a firearm. Around 1995 a group of politicians decided to re-catergorize a bunch a crimes to make them disqualifying crimes. Breaking storehouse was one of them. McLean took his case to court figuring there would be a grandfather clause but lost the case.
    I am in the same situation. I used to hunt, shoot clays, sport shooting, etc... Now I can't legally own a gun unless I get a pardon which I have been trying to do for the last 5 yrs.
    I think this is something our organization should look in to.
    I will support MSI as much as I can

    Thank you,

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    11 Dec 2015 23:03#5 by Pingman326
    Pingman326 replied the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    Google McLean vs. MSP for a complete pdf of the case

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    07 Jan 2016 16:50#6 by Minuteman
    Minuteman replied the topic: McLean vs. MSP
    Fascinating. I hope he wins.

    It seems this is one of the anti's strategies, they try to make more and more issues/crimes disqualifiers for firearm ownership. Someday, if they keep succeeding on this path, you might lose your right to own a firearm if you get a speeding ticket.

    I'm open minded about this issue, and I've heard a wide variety of opinions. I'm currently of the mind that if an actual convicted criminal has served their time and probation; completely fulfilling all stages of their punishment, and they have not posed a threat to anyone or violated any other felonies, why not give them a second chance and let the legally own firearms. I read that most felons already have ready access to a firearm (usually through a spouse, friend, or another criminal); so as long as they are not still menacing society, let them? However for certain crimes, lets just say crimes of violence or against children or the elderly, I just can't go that far.

    But a B&E a decade or more ago, and no violence, he should be able to own, or be an FFL; sure.

    " them your support for gun rights" says NRA's Shannon Alford, she continues that an email or a phone call is important, but nothing has a bigger impact than talking directly to your representative. “Your voice in Annapolis is your vote in Annapolis,” says Alford.

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