Handgun Permit Review Board Updates

    14 Oct 2016 20:44#31 by rambling-one
    rambling-one replied the topic: Handgun Permit Review Board Updates
    Any word on the fifth member; name, background, etc?

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    23 Oct 2016 15:10 - 23 Oct 2016 15:11#32 by fchan
    fchan replied the topic: Handgun Permit Review Board Updates - Informal Permit Review
    Hi all,
    This is the first time I saw the video entitled "Commander of Gun Licensing Division...." WOW! Here is someone who gets why we have MSI! This man is fantastic. Why won't the MSP, Attorney General, and the Legislature listen? It appears to be very political with MSI making small advances and holding the line against 2A setbacks.
    I have not been very active because of my wife's Parkinson,s Disease and all her recent falls. But, despite all of this, I am now testing for the AGI Glocksmithing Exam and will apply for an in home FFL. That is another issue. Have to have Owen Brown Approval and Howard County Approval. So, I have to get gunsmithing work from firearms dealers with retail space. At 75 years old, a veteran, and partially disabled, it gives me new reasons and hope to do what I can to help MSI.

    MD HQL
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    06 Nov 2016 09:36#33 by mayutt
    mayutt replied the topic: Handgun Permit Review Board Updates - Informal Permit Review
    Hi all -

    I'm a new MSI member, recently retired Marine. Last summer just after I retired, I applied for a wear and carry permit with a justification similar to Tandem12's including immediate colleagues on the ISIS hit list (at least one of which was consequently given a MD Wear and Carry permit), but mine was denied for the usual "that's not a Good and Substantial Reason" reason. I believe I have even more of a reason than some, because the combination of the OPM breaches and my particular duties made me very visible (a google search of my name and rank turns up lots of videos and publications) and my public licences have made my home address accessible (despite my efforts to keep this information private).

    I did not appeal at the time because I had no additional justification. Maybe I should've?

    What can we do? As I'm sure all on this forum agree, it's ridiculous for any of us to have to wait for ourselves or our families to be threatened or hurt to be legally allowed to be prepared to defend ourselves.

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    06 Nov 2016 09:57#34 by MXRider
    MXRider replied the topic: Handgun Permit Review Board Updates - Informal Permit Review
    I would encourage you to reapply and go all the way through the appeal process.

    MSI Treasurer

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    13 Nov 2016 20:02#35 by Tandem12
    Tandem12 replied the topic: Handgun Permit Review Board Updates - Informal Permit Review
    Don't give up. The casual review is a farce in my opinion because the reviewer will simply be the supervisor of the person who decided to deny your request. They have absolutely no criteria for how or why to deny a request. Request a hearing.

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