Timonium Show: Will you volunteer on June 13 or 14?

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11 Jun 2015 00:17#1 by Jacqueline
Timonium Fairgrounds Gun Show June 13 & 14

Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 3pm

Admission is $8.00 a day for anyone 12 and up

Parking is Free

If you can lend a hand please e-mail

Thank you

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02 Oct 2015 20:01#2 by BeoBill
From Jacqueline:

Severe weather: MSI will not be at Riverdale Festival nor the Gun Show

MSI deeply appreciates the dedication of it's volunteers and the support of it's visitors. As much as we would like to participate in the Appalachian Gun Show and the Riverdale Park Day this weekend, some events and vendors are canceling and we expect more. In light of this and the severe weather, we are canceling our participation with the planned MSI Events this weekend, October 3 and 4. MSI will not be at Riverdale Festival nor at the Appalachian Gun show.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events.


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